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Lust. Madness. Cruelty. Deception.

In four new collections of Roald Dahl’s darkest short stories for adults, you will find forty shocking tales of intrigue and lies, craving and desire, malice and greed, and fear and unreason. Discover Roald Dahl as you’ve never read him before.

Meet the old man with a horrid fascination with fingers and the man haunted by the tattoo covering his back.

Discover the secret of the artist who paints his subjects naked and how far a woman with a pathological fear of being late will go to be on time.

Shiver as a wife realizes that her husband’s consumption of royal jelly threatens their family and a suicidal widow discovers that reuniting with a long-ago jilted lover may have been unwise . . .

These forty tales are now available for the first time in brand new collections featuring artwork from the extraordinary artist Charming Baker.

Charming Baker

Photography: Angela Moore

Charming Baker has had a string of international sell-out shows, his fans include Damien Hirst, British collector Frank Cohen, gallerist Harry Blain and New York dealer Alberto Mugrabi. His juxtaposition of nostalgia with sex and death is grown-up and playful, his work simultaneously beautiful and intentionally bothersome. His work has been described as ‘a kind of romantic melancholy that is very British. And sometimes the melancholy turns out to have sharp claws. The pictures make you sit up and examine your conscience.

These sensibilities could equally be describing Roald Dahl’s approach to his domestically dark adult short stories, making Charming the perfect collaborator for these new collections.

Commenting on the selection of his artwork, Charming Baker said:

Like so many others, I grew up on the stories of Roald Dahl; The BFG, The Twits, The Witches – these were the stories that filled my childhood bookshelves. As an adult reader I’ve discovered there is a whole world of Dahl still to discover, which is brilliantly dark and complex. That my work is now being used to illustrate these tales is such an honour – I am absolutely delighted.